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Why should Business Owners Choose the Tea and Coffee Delivery Service in Office

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Consider a beverage station for your employees in office that would help you with best ROI.

Tea and coffee provided by an employer is a simple way you can accommodate your team.

Free tea and coffee at work lead to an extensive range of benefits that you, the employer, can enjoy.

Read on to know more about the benefits.


Employees who chain themselves to their desks aren't doing anyone a favor.

Refusing to take a break leads to lower productivity and increases the risk of employee burnout.

1. Releasing stress - Since coffee inhibits the absorption of adenosine (a hormone that calms the body),it makes you alert and feel awake.

Releasing stress

Tea leaves contain a bit of caffeine, less than the amount found in a typical cup of coffee but it does improves mood, alertness, and cognition.

2. Refreshing the mind for creative thinking - Creative insights and imaginative solutions often occur when let our mind move on to something unrelated. For example taking a break from monotonous work.

3. Increasing productivity - After a morning cup, people feel energized enough to face the day. The boost is mainly due to the caffeine levels in coffee which shows in sudden energy boosts and improved mental awareness.

A coffee and Tea is an excellent way to send the message that breaks are okay.

They serve as a reason for an employee to get up from their desk, stretch their legs, and refuel.

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